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Up front Summer 2014 25 Special feature | Game-changing technologies Changing it up Five emerging technologies that could redefine the business world Robotics 3-D Printing Quantum Computing Drones Smart Clothing special feature Game-changing technologies By Bryan Borzykowski A message from Philip Grosch Partner, National Leader, Management and Technology Consulting, PwC Canada In a recent discussion on innovation that appeared in The Atlantic, renowned author and "technology evolutionist" George Dyson referred to a random walk among what is possible. I certainly agree that invention does follow a weaving path of curiosity and exploration. True innovation, however, is hardly an act of random luck. Our research and experience has shown that innovation follows a process that can be designed, measured and ultimately mastered by any organization with the desire and a strong commitment from leadership. We're seeing massive social, environmental and economic changes converging, reshaping established industries and shaking companies in those industries to their very core. Today, complacency is not an option. Tomorrow's market leaders will be those who looked ahead, harnessed the collective power of the knowledge within and beyond their organization, challenged the norm, accepted the risks and succeeded. In this special feature, you'll meet individuals and organizations pioneering technologies set to fundamentally reshape the industries and markets we work in. We'll look at the impact of 3-D printing, the promise and potential of quantum computing, advances in robotics, the rising use of drones and the booming market in wearable technology. The game changers are inspirational examples of innovation mastered. They're not abstract concepts or visions of a distant future. They're real and now. The only question is: "Are we ready?" Up front Summer 2014 25

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