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18 Up front Summer 2014 The challenge Most companies know that it takes more than great products and service to build trust with their customers; they also need to show good corporate citizenship through sustainable environmental and social practices. But building a sustainability program – one that balances business needs with caring for the environment, employees and the community – can be tough. There are often big expenses such as energy-efficient heating, eco-smart windows and low-flow toilets. Social initiatives like wellness and community support programs need organizing and funding, too. Then there's the biggest challenge of all: engaging staff. "It's the last frontier, basically," says Ron Dembo, Founder and CEO of Zerofootprint Software Inc. The Toronto-based company's VELO and GOODcoins programs help drive corporate sustainability strategies by encouraging employees to behave differently. "When people think of sustainability, it's typically infrastructure they talk about – changing windows and light bulbs or moving into LEED-certified buildings," Dembo adds. "But it's the behaviour of people that can really make a difference." Dembo cites research showing that occupants of LEED buildings can slash energy use by doing things like using the office photocopier less. In some cases, the reduction is 40 per cent more than expected, based on LEED standards. Good behaviour Canada's Zerofootprint Software makes it easier for organizations to engage employees in sustainability efforts By Marjo Johne Challenges | Trust

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